The Best Foods That Help in Losing Weight

15-foods that can helpw ith weight lossPeople spend billions of dollars on diet foods every year and it is all to achieve one single goal, a goal that has eluded so many. That goal is weight loss, and quite unfortunately, people have made it seem like a harder task to accomplish than it really is. The weight loss goal seems difficult because there has been a shift away from focusing on the basics of weight loss to focusing on complex and often useless diet plans that require downright impossible sacrifices from people.

These sacrifices range from starving to consuming bad tasting foods. This makes the whole process of losing weight all that more difficult, which in reality it really isn’t.

3 Of The Best Foods To Lose Weight
3 Of The Best Foods To Lose Weight

Weight loss can be converted into a simple task by just focusing on the basics. These basics require simple knowledge about how the body reacts to the calories taken in. For instance, taking in a lesser number of calories than what the body burns (fat burning) automatically leads to weight loss. Consuming fewer should be made the basis for all weight loss programs and then taken forward with the consumption of healthy foods that ensure that a lesser amount of calories are had without depriving the body of vital nutrients.

Below are some of the best foods to help one lose weight:

1. Beans:
Although not many people know of the digestive hormone ‘cholecystokinin’, it is one of the body’s most effective appetite suppressants. Beans are an excellent source of obtaining this hormone. A study conducted on eight men showed that their hormone levels were twice as much after having a meal containing beans compared to men who had a low fiber meal. Beans also help keep the blood sugar levels in check which helps keep hunger away for longer durations. Also, consuming high fiber beans such as black beans helps keep the cholesterol levels down.

2. Salad:
As salads are made primarily out of vegetables, they are excessively low in calories and at the same time high in vital nutrients. Salads bring about a number of advantages. It allows for a lower amount of calories to be had and consuming it can have a positive effect on the psychological side of a person as well. For instance, a research showed that people who ate salads, when offered pasta afterwards, 12% of them did not want to have it. This is because the sheer size of salads makes people unable to consume them fully. Therefore, even though the calories consumed by having salads is lower than normal food, it mentally satisfies hunger and helps one experience a full feeling for a long time. Salads also contain a healthy amount of vitamins which have disease preventing capabilities.

3. Pears:
A medium sized pear has 6 grams of fiber, where as a similar sized apple has about 3 grams of fiber. Both of these fruits are excellent sources of pectin fiber which helps keep the blood sugar levels low. Pears help keep hunger away and therefore do not allow for unnecessary snacking between meals. Ergo, pears are also a great source for weight loss and should be a part of every diet.

4. Eggs:
Eggs are full of protein, and they help keep a person feel full for long. A study conducted on 30 obese women who consumed 2 scrambled eggs showed that they had less food for the next 36 hours than the women who did not consume eggs, even though the amount of calories consumed by both the parties were the same. Also, an egg has blood sugar lowering capabilities which helps fight off hunger and prevents snacking.

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5. Soup:
While soups do not contain the amount of calories to be substituted in place of full blown meals, the effects of consuming them (soups) before meals can dramatically lower the amount of calories taken in afterwards. The brain tends to take the consumption of soups as a means of filling the stomach and therefore does not send signals to the stomach indicating that the person is hungry. The best feature about soups is that even the simplest of them can have a fulfilling effect.

6. Green tea:
Unlike contrary belief, the weight lowering ingredient in green tea is not caffeine. Instead, antioxidants such as catechins are the factors that help boost the metabolism and speed up the fat burning process. In a study comprising of 35 Japanese men who consumed green tea containing antioxidants, the tea helped them boost their metabolism rate and also brought their Body Mass Index down. The tea also helped lower participant’s LDL cholesterol levels.

The most important part to note is that one should not focus on having a single kind of food. Instead, try to combine all these foods in the daily diet as this would ensure a healthy weight loss process.

6 Home Remedies For cold Sores

With millions of people suffering from them worldwide, cold sores are extremely common amongst individuals from all walks of life. Caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1), they are contagious in nature and are characterized by the appearance of small, fluid filled blisters in and around the mouth area. For those who suffer from them, cold sores are considered a menace and something that despite the small size causes a lot of pain and discomfort. The pain caused is not only physical pain, but also psychological pain due to the persistent nature of these sores.

Apart from the discomfort they bring, cold sores are considered a big health problem because they can be contracted really easily. A hug or even a kiss is all that it takes for an infected person to transfer them to another. Moreover, once contracted, cold sores usually tend to last for the rest of the life and outbreaks occur at regular yet unpredictable intervals. Fortunately, cold sores can be treated and there are numerous ways that, although cannot ensure the prevention of future outbreaks, can help in reducing the pain. Below mentioned are 6 home remedies to ease the pain of cold sores:

1. Conduct Proper Diagnosis

Often a time people tend to confuse cold sores with other mouth problems such as canker sores. This results in hampering the overall treatment. Whereas cold sores are characterized by small blisters, canker sores are relatively larger in size. Another difference is that canker sores almost always appear inside the mouth whereas cold sores can appear anywhere in and around the mouth. In addition to this, unlike cold sores, canker sores are not contagious and are not caused by any virus.

What makes conducting proper diagnosis so important is the fact that it allows for conducting appropriate treatment then. For example, if people have canker sores but believe they are actually cold sores, then the treatment can deviate from what is required due to the differences mentioned before. Hence, before seeking treatment, always ensure that the blisters are actually cold sores.

2. Learn to Recognize the Signs

Cold sores, despite their unpredictable nature, emit some signs and these signs serve to signal and imminent outbreak. When cold sores are about to appear, the affected areas begin to itch and cause discomfort. Some areas of the skin where the sores are due to form also stiffen up whereas a bump might form at times too.

Whatever the signs may be, it is crucial that people who suffer from cold sores learn to identify them. Identifying the signs beforehand will allow for better preparation and enable the individual to seek treatment even before the cold sores form. Additionally, as cold sores are contagious, identifying the signs will aid in helping individuals stay away from close contact with other people.

3. The Use of Ice

The healing properties of ice along with its ease of availability make it one of the best treatments for curing cold sores. Ice has been used as a treatment for numerous years and it is no different when it comes to treating cold sores.

Amongst the several healing properties it contains, ice provides a numbing effect whereby upon application, it numbs the concerned area for quite some time and delivers instant relief from pain. Ice is also known to be anti-inflammatory and it can reduce the size of the blisters as well as reduce the swelling that comes with cold sores. Also, ice can actually kill off a blister even before it comes to the surface and this is particularly helpful if people are able to identify the signs of cold sores.

4. Drink as Much Water as Possible

Drinking water is essential for being healthy and even more for easing the pain caused by cold sores. A high intake of water ensures that the body gets an appropriate supply of liquid and this healthy intake aids in keeping the sores from drying up (cold sores cause more pain when they become dry). Drinking water aids in keeping the body temperature down and this might be helpful as some experts believe that a high body temperature is a possible invitation for an outbreak.

5. The Use of Tea bags

While their use as a pain reliever for cold sores may not appeal to many people, tea bags can do wonders in terms of easing the pain caused by cold sores. Simply taking a cold tea bag and applying it to the affected area for around 10 to 15 minutes will instantly reduce the discomfort and the swelling.
6. Keep Away from the Sun

As with several other viruses, the Herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) is known to thrive under sunlight. The frequency of the sores occurring increases when people expose themselves to the sun. Hence, try and keep away from the sun as much as possible and even if you have to go out, cover the head and the face properly to minimize the exposure.